Organizing LB tech Vina internal football championship

Yesterday afternoon, 13th December2013, Youth LBTech Vina opened the internal football championship with the enthusiastic participation of employees in company. In the spirit of Seagames, communicating with colleagues in the company and exercising, LB Tech Vina players have played their best in the opening match before the enthusiastic cheers of the fans in the company

In spite of the cold weather of the North plus drizzle, it does not flinch the spirit of the players.

Opening game took place lively with the score belong to The factory 1, but right after that, The Office 1 won overwhelming 4-1. In the next minutes of the match, the crowd thrilled when score constantly changing up 4-3, 5-4, 6-4. Ending the opening match, the result is 6-5 belonging to The Office 1.

In the end of the opening match, the players promised to take the game more appealing in the times of the next competitions.

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